Wednesday, February 19, 2014

City Workbooks, with Maps B-11 & B-12

There are a couple of maps further down, that I'm adding as I continue to work my way east around the world, between 62 and 73 degrees north. First, I've been doing some prep work for Spain, with the expectation of mapping it, and a very little bit of research work for Britain (specifically Ireland); those files can be found on the wiki.

A lot of the work I do has no immediate sexy impact, which is part of the reason I wanted to start this blog. I wanted to give a sense for how much time some of these things take, plus the fairly worthless way I spend my life (heh heh).

I admit that I probably do spend too much time mapmaking, when I could be working on redesigning the spells or characters like I was last year, or getting myself together to get work done on upgrading the monsters - but heck, I like maps. So here they are:
Here is the 60-degree turn in the hex map that matches the 150th Parallel west (or as I call it, 210 E).  This cuts
right through the middle of Alaska.  The square in the upper left is the previous map, B-10, overlapping.  The
top of the map would be the Beaufort Sea.

A dismal map, for certain.  Only the left side of the map is actually taken up by the Yukon territory.  The
drift of inhabited hexes (pink) from the bottom right to top middle follows the giant Mackenzie River, which
I'll end up calling something else for my D&D world ... if I ever figure out just what lives here.
A lot of big animals, probably.  And maybe stone giants.

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