Thursday, February 20, 2014

Empty Maps in Canada

So little to show, so little to show.  Was working heavily on my book last night.  Worse, I am working my way across northern Canada, which is sadly bereft of inhabitation:

It's very difficult even to imagine what part of the world this might be.  In fact, it is an area called
the Barren Grounds, stretching across what was once the Districts of Mackenzie and Keewatin,
 largely taken up by Nunavut today.  Empty.  Staggeringly empty. 

And this ... the 90th Parallel west, which would be approximately the north-west shore of Hudson Bay,
which I can use the European name for because it was discovered 40 years before the time of my world.  The map
(I think) would also include part of Baffin Island, along with Foxe Basin and the island of Southampton.
I wonder what on earth a party would be doing here?


  1. "I wonder what on earth a party would be doing here?"

    Possibly searching the frozen landscape for a the desolation of a white Dragon and its hoard, or hunting Polar Owlbears?

  2. Well, yes, there's that. After, of course, sailing for ten months to get here.

  3. 10 month journey by sea would be, to put it mildly, a little perilous in your world (weather and whatever sea encounter tables you have cooked up).

    The converse is also possible, that they somehow make it to and across the Bering Straight, through the lands populated by the denizens of Siberia and Asia, then across All of North America.

  4. Hear that. I had better make it a pretty big treasure.


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