Wednesday, May 7, 2014

C 07 - Lungos

I have been working, in bits, on maps moving steadily east.  The last map I posted is coded C-06 (the Ob & Irtysh basins).  Here is C-07:
Shown is the upper course of the Ob River on the left and the middle course of the Yenisey
River on the right.  The highlands at the bottom of the map (brown hexes)
are the Altai, Khakass and Savan Mountains.  The yellow sloped line marks the
90th Meridian East.
I've shown below how C-06 overlaps with the above map.  North is the upper right corner, and along the 90th meridian the direction of east-west turns 60-degrees.  This is, as ever, due to mapping a round Earth.

Here all three rivers are shown, from left to right, the Irtysh, the Ob and the Yenisey.
All of the C 07 map is occupied by non-humans, mostly hobgoblins of the Vostoch Empire (Lungos Nad and Lungos Sog are the north and south territories along the Yenisey Basin).  The very bottom left and centre of the map is the edge of the dwarven kingdom of Altslok.  All of these are my own D&D names for the territories . . . the Russian names would hardly work for flavour.

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