Thursday, May 8, 2014

C 08 - Angara

For RISK fans, the map below would correspond more or less to the Irkutsk (minus the bottom third). You might be able to vaguely recognize the shape in the gray border, or that might be my imagination:

Showing Lake Baykal on the bottom right and the Angara River flowing from bottom left of
centre and then off the left side of the map after making a 90-degree bend.  The very large
Lena River rises just west of Lake Baykal and flows off the right edge.  The top of the map
is the Tunguska Plateau.

Back in 2009, when I spent a period living on unemployment, I just kept going east through Russia - I did most of these last four maps during that time, and a whole string of maps to the south of these. Russia just goes on an on . . . but the reader can see some pink hexes in the upper right corner, those being part of the Yakutsk territory (called Trak Dran in my world, a big norker kingdom).  I haven't done that area yet.

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