Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Amphibians & Reptiles

I have not forgotten about the sage abilities I was working on months ago, nor this blog.  I'll be getting back to doing more work on both soon, as I clean up the last of my book.  Sigh.  Good to work on D&D again.

Below is the new format for how I'll be working on the sage abilities going forward.  Rather than going back and fixing up Cleric, and making those abilities cleaner, I'm going to concentrate on going forward, with the expectation of managing all the classes before going back and cleaning up the earlier, rougher work.

For those interested, YES, I'm going to do for every class.  That means fighters, thieves, assassins and monks will also get 'sage abilities,' although I am working on a new name for those since they will be based on entirely different principles.

I want to stress that these 'skills' are still class-based, not pay-for-skills based.  I have written already on how the points (pts) are distributed, so I won't do it again for the moment.  When I come back around to those, I will tidy up the original pages.

The above should be suggestive of some interest shit I don't think I've seen offered characters before.  Note that to be a 'sage' takes 80 points, and that points are accumulated slowly.  A druid would have to be, probably, 12th to 20th level to breed creatures.

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