Friday, July 18, 2014

Bushes & Shrubs

I am really thrilled with this study, because it worked out about a million times better than I expected.  I had left all the various sections of plant life for the druid's sage table separate, thinking, "Well, you've got to at least try to come up with a series of abilities or facts that would be associated with those."  This morning, I found myself facing "bushes & shrubs" - only to realize the possibility of my coming up with something was fantastically remote.  With a heavy heart, then, I opened wikipedia and got started.

The results are miraculous:

I may have overdone it, given too much power to these things.  I'll have to see.  It typically takes 3-4 levels to hit 20 points, 6-8 levels to hit 40 and about 12-15 levels to hit 80, so this may be all right.

Certainly fleshes out the druid, I'll tell you.  I don't think there's a thing on this list that I've ever thought of before.

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  1. The bonsai and the tree shaping sound like so much fun. A druid could make a real tree-hollow with bonsai guardians. Move over, Radagast the Brown Wizard.


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