Saturday, July 19, 2014

Flowers & Sprigs

Here's today's addition - I've had to add 'sprigs' to the flower list in order to round out the subject material.  Some of the stuff here is very interesting and fills holes in the production of magic that - for me - results in magical creation having a greater sense to it.  See if you don't agree:

I agree, it doesn't keep with whatever anyone else connected to D&D has ever done - but it certainly fits into my system, it enables more than the druid to benefit from things like nectar and shamrocks, while at the same time I don't think anything here overbalances my campaign.

I continue to astound myself that I'm able to come up with a whole page of info about a subject as dreary as 'flowers.'


  1. 1) What are the definitions of "monument,"hallowed ground," and "laboratory"? I assume "hallowed ground" is the result of Consecrate or some similar spell (I don't know the exact name.) And "laboratory" makes me think Magic-User, and the only rules I'm familiar with from AD&D and similar games are ones where the MU invests a certain amount of money into an abstract lab "fund," which serves to rate the strength of his laboratory. From what I recall of your rules for scroll-making, you do not use this kind of rule (I recall 3 standardized magicians' books related to making scrolls, and having to take absolute care not to spoil the scroll while making it, and requiring that concentration to be held for several weeks, and so on).

    2) I really like the magic item creation stuff. Item creation is a good mid- and high-level endeavor to enable for players, but other game "systems" (say the big abortion that is 3.5 D&D) struggle because all they do is put a cash value and a time formula on each item. You just say "it takes a month/year and these requirements, deal with it" and that's a smarter way. Your opponents would say such justifications are "arbitrary*" - well so what? You're a druid, this is how your knowledge works, fucking deal with it. I'm reminded of your recent post on the game not going fast enough for these people.

    *Because they can't be manipulated by player resources like cash. "What do you mean I can't speed up the staff process? What if I invest money into ... ?" etc. etc. Sometimes there's just a hard limit on things, dude. Man, talking about this pisses me off. Hearing about players' constant desires to make micro-upgrades to their character is a sore spot for me. Maybe I should write something longer on your recent post.

  2. Hallowed Ground is the druid equivalent of Consecrate.

    Laboratory means equipment needed to measure, store and manipulate the substances involved. There's a 'laboratory cost' with a definition of what a laboratory includes on this page here, under glassblower": alembic, basin, 8 bottles, crystal ball, hourglass, 30 jars, lens, 40 phials, 2 pipettes, prism, 12 stirring rods, 40 vials. Prices for these are included this new Glassblower's table here.

    A monument is the druid's equivalent of a temple - typically a menhir, shrine or similar structure as might be found in Asia, Africa, Europe or the Americas.

    Talking about speeding things up with cash pisses me off too. I can't wait for someone to say they use their plant growth spell on mistletoe - as though that wouldn't spoil the natural growth process.

    Craftsmanship takes TIME. And magic creation isn't buying junk at Tiffany's, its craftsmanship. Can the jeweler making stuff for Tiffany's throw money at the design and have it automatically generate?

    Thank you for the interest, Maxwell. Great questions.


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