Thursday, July 24, 2014


I found this one to be quite taxing.  What does one come up with for fungi?


  1. I'm somewhat amused at how the druid seems to be responsible for many different kind of magical abominations. Finally they get some credit instead of the mages!

  2. Concerning fungi and fungi monsters, I find it tempting to only use basic mushrooms as templates.
    But I believe a lot of interesting things can be done with other such as clavicipitaceae for example:

    Now, you can have spore releasing fungi that impairs or kill enemies.
    Or, imagine a something similar to the cordyceps above, but which acquire motor control over the host during the infection. You could have a whole area where all fauna has been contaminated and is now wandering around, searching for new hosts (in a kinda 'aimless zombie' way, or 'hive-mind' style).

    Also, on your post ( you described a dungeon ecology that potentially rely heavily on fungi.

    And I concur with Oddbit: the abonimation creation part is very nice indeed.


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