Friday, July 18, 2014


Well, a few days off and I'm starting to shake off some of the intensity of the last few weeks.  Maybe I can start working on things again.

Well, more for the sage tables: the druid's Astronomy study.  I like that this doesn't have to 'balance' with other studies, since in effect the player gains all the different studies, just at different speeds.  Each has its own character, none offer expressly powerful abilities (they shouldn't, so if I've misjudged something I will have to claw the skill back).

Incidentally, I also made a few changes to the amphibians & reptiles page.


  1. Hello, first and foremost, thanks again for sharing here your astounding work, which is just too much for only one blog! As for the practical use of the 'Navigate' feature, granted by the Amateur tier, I'd like to know if this ability may (or does, like, automatically) actually prevent the astronomer druid and his traveling party from becoming lost during overland or sea travel, provided there's no overcast cloud cover at night?
    Thanks in advance for taking time to read and answer.

  2. I think so, though storms and such may provide extenuating circumstances.


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