Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wiki Back-up

Thinking now that I should use this blog to support the wiki, rather than run parallel with it, I invite readers to comment on this post regarding errors or lack of clarity which they find in the wiki I'm building.  I can always use help with spelling mistakes & other errors, a lack of clarity or links that don't work.

Please don't ask for new pages.  I'm working as much as I can on material as it is.


  1. I know, given the sheer volume of output that you've given to the wiki, that this must be the most annoying sounding suggestion in the universe. So said: have you considered linking the newly created pages back through the main categories in your index? You've got a ton of new content, but the interface for finding it is a little wonky.

    Sorry for having as dull a suggestion as "housekeeping", but the wiki has been very awesome to peruse.

  2. I love digging into your wiki! It makes me want to create my own for my world.

    There was one thing with which I took issue. And please believe I'm not being critical, I just know how you value detail. Under ship travel, you give the fastest point of sail as running. Obviously, it varies depending on the kind of rig you have, and certainly square rigged ships were better on a run than modern rigs, but it still shouldn't be the fastest. And given that I understand much of your game presently takes place near the Med, it's likely the ships wouldn't be square rigged anyway.

    Assuming, however, we are talking about square rigs, I did find one source online that claimed the fastest point of sail for a square rigger was a dead run. This was for a game called "Weather Gage." But that doesn't jive with my experience sailing or with common sense. The top speeds of vessels given historically are always faster than windspeed--which is impossible on a run. That can only be done on a reach. I'd suggest swapping the broad reach and run columns.


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